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Felix Riebl

Felix Riebl is the band leader, frontman, and principal songwriter of the internationally acclaimed band, The Cat Empire, who have released 8 studio albums, including two releases making it to #1 in Australia. Together they achieved multi-platinum album sales, and have performed on some of the world’s most iconic stages over the past 18 years.

Felix’s career with The Cat Empire, one of Australia’s most enduring bands and most in demand live musical exports, has been all about being open to diverse sounds and cultures.
He is no different in his solo work. Felix first branched out in 2011 with a debut solo album, Into the Rain, and in 2016, Paper Doors. His latest release ‘Black Room White Walls’ not only takes inspiration from the stark power of bands like New Order, but also from Russian composer Rachmaninoff. In particular, the bold, strident imagery of the Prelude in C# Minor.