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Growing up in the Blue Mountains, ILUKA felt an undeniable pull to songwriting and alongside her Father she spent years channeling her artistic energies inside her into music. The Australian-born musician and singer-songwriter is of a breed you don’t often find anymore — that of the troubadour. Her music, built from the foundational elements of classic rock and beloved, worn-in soul, tells universal tales of hope and love, struggle and sacrifice, with a thoroughly modern lens; comforting and galvanising in equal measure, it is the kind of art that comes only as a result of a life well lived, of a mind challenged and expanded by the lushest, farthest reaches of the world.

ILUKA was taught the basics of songwriting from her earliest years. Her father is a songwriter and guitar-maker who fostered her talent, spending hours on the balcony of their Blue Mountains home encouraging her to channel the artistic energies evident inside her towards music. She spent the last year toiling in L.A. and Nashville, working with some of America’s finest writers and musicians on a batch of songs that resulted in a worldwide deal with BMG.

Her most recent single ‘Willing To Break’, is a powerful and tempestuous track penned from her own feelings of frustration at the present state of the world.