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Mia Rodriguez

18-Year-Old, bona fide Tik Tok star, Mia Rodriguez, is part of the new generation of pop stars who truly understands their audience. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are her playground, and over several years she has engaged fans from around the world with a combination of cover songs and short, sharp video clips which reflect her unique, occasionally dark humour and personal style.

“Psycho” follows Mia’s debut single “Emotion” which was released in December last year and has since exceeded over a million combined streams alone. This release gained the attention from the likes of triple j Unearthed and Billboard and industry media tipping her as an artist to watch in 2020. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, she is inspired by all genres of music including K Pop, mainstream pop, and hip-hop, yet the newcomer has arrived at a style that is her own led by a distinct vocal style.