With over nine million worldwide streams already attached to his name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Melbourne’s JXN has hit his peak early. Yet, as recent releases have continued to prove, the dynamic artist and songwriter is only just getting started.

For JXN (aka Jacko Brazier), his journey as an artist began at a pivotal time for content creation and artistic development, period. While early musical ideas simmered away in the background, always remaining a focus for JXN, it was his fast-growing presence as an online personality that first began turning industry heads, as well as the hundreds of thousands of fans he accumulated online through YouTube and Vine.

Across the likes of 2021’s singles ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Love Sux’ and 2022’s latest track ‘Nintendo ft. Reyanna Maria’, it’s evident that JXN is in his element when he’s playing with musical form and exploring different vibes in the studio.

Further exemplified on new singles ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘On My Own’ and ‘cry cry cry’(City Pop Records), JXN’s broadened musical scope is on point. Exuding vibrancy and youthful confidence, the track matches JXN’s natural charm and wit with a honed songwriting skill.

Six Boroughs is proud to represent JXN at Australian media.